Solo and group items of both music and dance are practised by enthusiasts with zeal. Music periods have been here regularly from the very beginning. We have a few very good music teachers who have done their level best in teaching vocal( Classical, semi-classical , Western , Hindustani , Karnatic etc) to our budding singers & growing musicians . We have a very good choir. Dancers have proved their worth in all performances especially on the annual day and at the inauguration of national games at Thriprayar. It is no wonder , we have excellent dance teachers who have without aid from outside and with only other dance savvy teachers of our school as helpers made our talented students step into the limelight to enchant the audience with their charming choreography.Congratulations to them.
Instrument Music
BVM has made an agreement with Cochin Heros , Music & Dance Academy to teach keyboard , guitar, violin & magic to those students who are interested . Two periods a week is allotted to these classes.