1.      The school will function from 09.15 am to 03.30 pm on all working days (Monday to Friday). All students must be regular, punctual and neatly dressed(strictly following the dress code).

2.      No student shall leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal.

3.      Pupils are required to be in the school at least 5 minutes before work commences. Any pupil coming late may lose attendance for the day concerned. He/ She will not be allowed to enter the class before the end of the period.

4.      Pupil will not be allowed to appear for annual examination without the required percentage of attendance. (90% of the total number of working days)

It is the responsibility of the parents to see that children do not take leave unnecessarily.

Leave will be granted only in exceptional cases and prior sanction must be obtained (unless in the case of emergency or on medical grounds)

Application for leave for less than three days should be addressed to the class teachers and for a longer period, should be submitted to the principal.

If a student is continuously absent for more than 15 days without prior information/authorization, his/her name will be removed from the rolls.

Applications for leave must be signed by the parent/ guardian and send in advance for sanction. (Application on medical ground should be countersigned by a medical authority)

5.      Application for admission should be made only in the prescribed form(s).

Admissions are given to all classes subject to availability of vacancies. Admission will be decided on the basis of tests and interviews. Selection shall be done by a committee appointed by the purpose by Bharath Vidya Mandir. The committee reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason whatsoever. The decision of the committee will be final. Those seeking admission or transfer from other schools should submit a transfer certificate from the school last attended. Those seeking admission must produce birth certificate.

6.      Fees shall be remitted on or before the 10 th of the first month of each term.

First Term                   1st to 10th of June

Second Term              1st to 10th of October

Third Term                 1st to 10th of February

A fine of Rs.10/– will be charged for every delayed payment. If the fee is not paid before the end of the term, the name of the child will be removed from the roll without any intimation and he/ she will not be eligible for appearing in the examination.

Term fee shall be levied irrespective of the number of days in each term that the student has attended the school. Those who are admitted to the school and who subsequently wish to withdraw for whatsoever reason, will forfeit the entire fees paid even if the with drawer is immediately after the commencement of the classes.

Parents who wish to withdraw the child from the school should apply for the transfer certificate one week in advance.

7.      Food and further requirements of the child should be brought neatly packed by the parents and to be handed over to the respective staff(s) every day.

Only vegetarian food is permitted.

Each parent should ensure that their child’s belongings are properly marked for easy identification.

A proforma containing the personal records of the student should be filled in duplicated and handed over to the school at the time of admission.

8.      No valuable ornaments should be worn by the students.

9.      Children suffering from infected diseases should not be sent for the school till they have fully recovered and medically certified from that effect.

10.  Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones, pendrive(s), memorycard(s), CD(s), camera and motorcycles.

11.  No outsider is permitted to stay within the school premises during the working hours.

The rules governing Bharath Vidya Mandir are subject to change from time to time as may be decided by the board of directors of KPM Society


1.      Students should attend the school in the prescribed uniforms.

2.      The school uniform should be clean, full and well pressed. Students who are not smartly dressed may be sent back home.

3.      Students should assemble class wise for the morning assembly.

4.      All the students must behave respectfully towards school staff(s).

5.      Each student shall have the textbooks and notebooks required for the class he/she attends. No newspapers, periodicals, comics etc should be brought to the school unless permitted by the authorities.

6.      Home assignments should be done carefully and regularly.

7.      The school premises and surroundings should be kept neat and tidy. Unwanted paper and other waste has to be thrown into the waste baskets.

8.      Students behavior should be proper at all times and places both inside and outside the school. No shouting or whistling is permitted.

9.      No students shall enter or leave the class after the lesson has begun without the permission of the teachers.

10.  No student shall disturb another class at work or flimsy reasons like borrowing a pen, pencil, book etc from a friend.

11.  Jewellery is not allowed in the campus.

12.  All are expected to speak in English inside the campus.

13.  Students should have respect for school property. They should not scratch, write, draw or damage school furniture and walls. Any damage of school property will have to be made good.

14.  Students should neither lend nor borrow money or exchange articles.

15.  Playing in the class rooms and corridor are strictly prohibited.

16.  Parents are requested to see that their children come to school with their haircut properly. Boys with long hair are not permitted in the class.

17.  Students shall keep silence in the corridors during class hours.

18.  Pupils should realize that they are responsible to the authorities of the school not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behavior outside.


1.      SPEAK ONLY IN ENGLISH inside the school campus.

2.      KEEP PERFECT DISCIPLINE in the campus. (Self discipline is the best discipline)

3.      WISH your teachers, elders and other school personnel.

4.      Use thank you, please, sorry, I beg your pardon and such GOLDEN WORDS when occasion demands.

5.      WEAR neat and ironed uniform and keep up hygienic habits.


·         Hair should be neatly cut and combed. Face should be clean shaven.

·         Ornaments like chains, studs, bracelets etc are not allowed.

·         Vehicles other than bicycles are not allowed in the school campus.

·         Pants with low waist are not allowed in the campus. Shirts should be long enough to be tucked in properly.


·         Only small studs are allowed as ornaments. Avoid other ornaments like fancy ear rings, dangling and hair clips.