Bharath Vidya Mandir provides a wide variety of activities to develo[p the overall personality of the children. Athletics , sports , games, gymnastics, yoga, projects, quizzes, crossword puzzles,picnics, field trips, exhibitions , debates , declamations, recitations , extempores, elocutions , creative writing , slogan writing , poster making, letter writing , drawing, colouring, painting,role play, dialogue writing, poetry composition, music (vocal and instrumental),dance , drama, craft, theatre, gardening , shramdan,Science Club, Maths Club,Social Science Club, Eco-Club, Arts Club, Health Club, Sports Club, Computer Club etc are some of those interesting activities which nurture healthy competition, self awareness , dealing with stress, spirit of participation , team spirit, interpersonal relationship, communication skills, leadership qualities and many other skills required to acquire a sterling character. Cultural Festivals, sports meets and competitions are held systematically  throughout the  year with prizes distributed to the winners. We encourage outstanding performers to participate in inter- school competitions as well as district, state and national tournaments. Children should naturally understand where their individual aptitude and interest lies so that they strive to  realize their potential and blossom as powerful,robust,excellent , enthusiastic, empathetic and dedicated citizens of our motherland.