Computer Education has become an inevitable component of contemporary Education. Incorporating computer Education in schools can inspire students to undertke careers in technology and enhance our understanding of how computer technology impacts people’s daily lives. Computer Education  can influence pupils performance by enabling them to become more involved with their school work. It improves students’ research skills by encouraging them to look for information on the internet. Schools prepare the children for the future with computers.

 We are providing computer classes to all our students from Class 1 to Class XII .Sufficient number of systems  are available for  students in two roomy Computer Labs . Lab1 is in A Block and Lab 2 is in B Block . Competent computer Instructors handle classes effectively . All the children from class 1 onwards invariably become computer literate. Learning the foundation  of computers at school will give them the edge as they transition to college .

BVM also offers Computer Science (Subject Code 083) and Informatics Practices (Subject Code 065) as subjects for the Higher Secondary Course . ( Classes XI & XII)