The library and Reading Room is under the charge of a well qualified and sincere Librarian. It is a well stacked library of nearly 10000 books in Malayalam, English and Hindi classified into Literature , Science, History, Mathematics, Social Science , Politics , Religion , Philosophy, General Knowledge etc..In addition to this the school has sufficient reference books for the teachers We also subscribe to various magazines and news papers Children from Class V and above have regular library periods and become members who can borrow books of their choice. Language teachers are very particular that the children write a review after they read the book. Those children who are ready to make a speech about the book they have read are also promptly encouraged to do so. The Management , Principal , Vice Principal, and all the teachers are very well aware of the rising trend thet does away with quiet reading habits ( the spreading influence of gadgets that support seeing films and other versions of the book which was originally written to be read) and therefore are doing all that they could possibly do to help children revive their reading habits . Reading surely makes a full man.