Brief History of Bharath Vidya Mandir :
Bharath Vidya Mandir has fulfilled 26 years of learning and love made successful by devotion, diligence and service.
Two teachers serving in an unaided school ,thought about starting a school where children could realize their potential and reach excellence with quality facilitators ; A school where the staff could live exemplary lives with better working conditions ; A school with very good infrastructure and environment ; A school that could nurture and mould the best citizens for our nation.

Inspired by this lofty vision in the year 1993 , the two untiringly embarked on a humble beginning at holy land – Thriprayar,starting a nursery with classes from LKG to class One. With a muscularity of 62 children they marched ahead, whole-heartedly with kind respect for the magnanimity of Mrs Ambujakshi Amma , a retired teacher , the mother of one of the co-founders , who provided the infrastructure for the emergence of the institution. A charitable society was formed in 1994, denominated as Kongattil Paremeswara Menon ( KPM ) Society and registered to help the rural , lush and lovely surroundings. Sri K P Krishna Menon became the charismatic President of the society with eleven executive members and Sri E Ramdas as the sincere Secretary. People in the neighbourhood were happy to see a new educational institution budding in their immediate vicinity. The two teachers mentioned above are none other than Mr R. Dinesan , the Founder Principal and Mr Ajith Prasad , the Founder Manager. Without their dream we could not have seen this fully fledged temple of learning that caters for the children of classes LKG to XII, standardized with CBSE English medium education system. The founder principal was succeeded by late Mr P T K Sugathan after whom 9 Principal’s have served BVM until the tenure of Mr.Ramachandran M K who is the 13th principal( Founder Principal Mr Dineshan R, Late Mr P T K Sugathan,Mrs Daya Menon, Mr A K Janardhanan, late Mr P K Thrivikraman, Mr E V Sasidharan, Mrs A Chandrika Menon, Mr Joshi P T, Mr Venugopalan M T, Mr Kaladharan and , Mr Krishnan Sudheer & Mrs Rasheeda banu).

The school steadily grew with the enthusiastic and diligent work undertaken sincerely by the two dreamers and their associates. Children flocked from near and far , as they became aware of a dedicated place to learn,and the demand for accommodation arose , the pair found a spacious plot at Valapad ( around 3 acres ) : a three storeyed edifice was promptly erected and inaugurated in 1995. The foundation stone was laid by Mr P K Pushkaran, Deputy Director of Education, Thrissur on 24th January 1995. The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of the Government of Kerala in 1997 and the Composite Affiliation from the CBSE in 1998 , with( CBSE Affiliation Number 930211). A well stacked library , laboratories for Physics , Chemistry and Biology were completed with additional computer labs. A Mathematics Laboratory started functioning as per CBSE instructions and the various clubs in the campus started their myriad activities at once scholarly and social to make learning interesting easy for the growing student population. The School grew into a secondary school bringing out a first batch class X (AISSE) candidates with exemplary results in the year 2000.This was genuine advertisement and the learners flocked in and the Management had to restrict admissions as well as provide more class rooms for the divisions that multiplied. Yet two more buildings came up in 2010 and 2014 respectively. Upgrading to senior secondary with Science and Commerce streams of study in 2004 and the first senior secondary students(AISSCE) with 100% results and high marks in 2006 )proclaimed a success story. Salil PA achieved a Merit Certificate from CBSE Delhi for his 100 marks in Social Science is exquisite. . In 2007 Najila Kizhivaliparambil won a merit certificate in Malayalam . The performance of Srilakshmi K R in scoring 100% (Centum ) in Mathematics thus securing a Merit Certificate from CBSE Delhi for her achievement in 2008 AISSE (X) is praiseworthy. The same Sreelakshmi K R secured another Merit Certificate from CBSE for scoring 99% in Computer Science in AISSCE 2010 which is another feather in her cap . In 2009 Durga Chandran , Kailasnath R ,Nisha E A got Merit Certificates from CBSE Delhi (AISSCE 2011) for their top marks in Malayalam. Ardra P Nair with her 98 marks in Physics ( AISSCE 2010)brought a Merit Certificate to BVM. The same year BVM proudly received merit certificates for the Performance of Sibi Aiswarya in English( AISSCE 2010). Laya Jose also won a Merit Certificate (AISSCE) for her 99 Marks in Business Studies In the year 2011. Nine children achieved A1 in all subjects in AISSE 2011.they are Akhuja Jayan,Maneesha Venu, Selka P Y ,Shaheed Iqbal, Shiny Shaji, Sreeja Ajith,Aneehi KJ, Ashik Sajeev Heera T Nair We had 15 students securing A1 in AISSE 2012. They are Krishna Prasad, Surya Krishnan, Sarath P S , Naha P A, Bhavith N P , Swathi Krishna, Devak Chandran, Linsha Farheen,Aayilya Raj Manasy Yesudas, Nabeela Wahab, Akhila Murali Menon, Aashika Vikas,Rishikesh and Malavika Menon. In the year 2013 eight students achieved A1 in all subjects -(Ajith PC , Aiswarya M H , Aadithya A, Sorav P S, Mithun, Navaneeth Raj, Amalendu, Farheen Abdul Gafoor).
The school has certainly carved out a reputation for itself in the chronicles of triumph. The two pioneers of pedagogy fulfilled their dreams and with the help of dedicated staffs thrive now in the realms of learning and in the hearts of pupils , parents , well-wishers and educationists. Now the school has four blocks, Block A , B , C , D . With around 110 devoted employees ,out of whom are 70 dedicated teachers. Surya Krishna received a Scholarship for higher studies in Science with her 95.7 % in AISSCE 2014 from CBSE ,New Delhi which is obviously worth mentioning- Ayilyaraj got the first mark in Commerce group in the School with 96%. Athulya PC secured a Merit Certificate for AISSE from CBSE Delhi for her A1 in all subjects.. In 2015 the CBSE Regional Office ,Thiruvananthapuram congratulated the School for its academic performance .It was 100% result in both Class XII class X . Seven students (Anjalkrishna , Neil Yasin , Arsha Sunil, Shuaib V B , Jagan R, Amrutha Sunil Kumar Ashik James T) achieved A1 in all subjects in the AISSE (class X) and 4 children( Farheen P Abdul Gafoor, Navaneethraj KR, Aiswarya M H Aadhitya A) scored 95% and above in AISSCE (class XII). All these eleven children from classes X and XII respectively along with their teachers were awarded Appreciation Certificates by the Union Minister of Human Resources , Honourable Madam , Smriti Irani for their performance in both AISSCE and AISSE 2015. All the science students who appeared scored more than 60% with some students above 90% . BVM has all these years been honoured for scholastic and co-scholastic activities , especially in athletics , games , social service and charity in and around wonderful Valapad . BVM has successfully hosted SSCT Sports Meet thrice at Christ College ground , Irinjalakuda. BVM having accomplished 26 years of commendable and committed service by providing the very best to enthusiastic learners, jubilantly strides into the future to reach further heights. Bharath Vidya Mandir has stood the tests of time and the two educationists that took the initiative achieved this recognition by sheer hard work and always insisting on quality both in behaviour and learning from inception to date. The history of BVM will surely add essence and sense to the annals of vibrant Valapad.
Long Live BVM