1)Parents/guardians must see that their children obey the rules and regulations of the school.

 2)Parents/ guardians are to supervise & monitor the study and behaviour of their children. They should guide with the class works, home works, assignments, projects etc thoroughly checking the school diary and respond accordingly.We suggest to provide a systematic timetable and guide their children study methodically.

 3)They should ensure that children are not absent themselves from school. They must particularly guide their  children to be present for all tests ,assessments ,examinations as well as on the reopening and other necessary  days.

4)They should ensure that all leave letters of the children are filled in the school diaries without fail.

5)School transportation will be available only on the routes decided by the management. Routes may change to suit needs and convenience.

6)They are expected to respond to any message communicated by the School Principal / Vice Principal/ HM and teachers through students diaries. They should sign  in the space provided and ask their children to get the signatures of the teachers concerned.

7)Any change of address ought to be intimated in the school office.

8)Parents / Guardians must not meet teachers /students directly during school hours. They must  meet the Principal and get permission to meet the teachers or children without disturbing the curriculum’s.

9)They are welcome to discuss matters regarding their childrens’ progress with Principal after prior appointments. Parent(s) should compulsorily meet the principal for any queries/complaints if/when informed so.  

10)Parents / Guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authorities for the overall improvement  of their child/children and the healthy functioning of the school. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

11)Parents should attend open days ,PTA meetings and other gatherings for the common good & betterment of their children.

12)The administrative decisions and plans made by the principal in consultation with the management and teachers are final. Parents must co-operate and help their children abide by them.